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Super Mario Maker 3D to feature new medal challenges

Jason Clement

While it's no surprise that Nintendo revealed that Super Mario Maker to 3DS in the last Nintendo Direct, it was a bit surprising to learn that the game limits level sharing to local play and not through the internet like the Wii U version did.


Still, Super Mario Maker 3D has a few added things going for it that make it more than worthwhile to buy again. For one, the game has 100 levels designed by Nintendo themselves; something the Wii U version was largely lacking although it did have a fraction of pre-made levels.


Furthermore, some of these levels will include different medal challenges that have you beating the levels in different ways. For example, you might have to beat a level by not taking your thumb off the right D-pad trigger, or beat it by not jumping at all. It's definitely a different way to spice the game up and give it its own unique flavor.


Super Mario Maker 3D is set to release on December 2. You can check out the gameplay reveal footage of the medal challenges below.



Does the inclusion of medal challenges make you more interested in playing Super Mario Maker 3D?

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