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The Legend of Legacy Demo Coming September 22nd, 2015

Jonathan Higgins

I“ve often dubbed The Legend of Legacy from ATLUS an equivalent of mixing peanut butter and chocolate. This game combines the talents of some of my all time favorite game developers, composer and writer. For more on that, and my personal experience with the game from E3 2015, check here. Needless to say, I“m super excited for the game“s October 13th release date. But if the anticipation is killing y“all as much as it is me, a free demo of the game is coming to the Nintendo eShop on September 22nd, 2015.


The demo features the opening prologue of the game, as well as its first two dungeons. And what“s more, you“ll be able to transfer your save file from the demo to the full game upon its release! ATLUS took an in depth look at the game while I happened to be on vacation towards the end of August; if you missed that or want to learn more,



If you“d prefer a more bite-sized approach to gathering intel about the game, there are several character trailers released, including a brand new one from today“s demo announcement. I“ll embed them all below.





Be sure to check out the official site for more!


Are you excited for The Legend of Legacy? Do you have any experience with the SaGa games its developers are known for? Be sure to let us know!

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