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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Gets an HD Remake for Wii U

Jordan Haygood

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a lot of things during today's Wii U Direct broadcast, including many games that people have been dying to hear about ever since the Wii U was initially announced. Of these games was a new Zelda game in development for Wii U, which didn't have any footage or foreseeable release window. However, after Iwata turned the floor over to the Zelda series' own Eiji Aonuma, an old favorite was revealed to be coming to the console this Fall with an HD makeover - The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.


Aonuma explained that he and his team decided on this remastering because of how impressive the results were when they tried out different art styles and concepts that could potentially be used for their new Legend of Zelda title. After much deliberation, it was ultimately decided that they would remake The Wind Waker for Wii U, as the new original Zelda game is still a ways a way. In other words, this is Nintendo's way of making the wait more bearable Not only that, though, but this is also their way of bringing this classic to an audience who didn't originally own a GameCube or the original game.


As far as enhancements go, there is the obvious: it has been remade in glorious HD with stunning visuals not possible on the GameCube. You can see the visual differences for yourself in the screenshots below. Aside from that, the new Wind Waker will boast various gameplay improvements, support for playing on the GamePad alone, and compatibility with Miiverse.




Are you excited to play The Wind Waker in HD? Have you played the game before or will this be your first time experiencing it?

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