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The Most Insane Nintendo Collection Ever Is Up For Sale


Have you ever wanted about a hundred sealed Nintendo 64's for your collection, but just couldn't find anyone with that many consoles for sale? Well today is your day to shine!


An Ebay user by the name of squishy013 has come forward with their late son's massive Nintendo collection, and they're looking to sell it... for $65,000. A bit too rich for most, but with a collection like this anyone willing to part the massive haul out is sure to make money in the long run.


Some notable mentions from the post include ten Pikachu consoles, about a million new controllers, different systems and games that are VGA approved, multiple sealed copies of Turok, Goldeneye, Majora's Mask and a boatload of other things.




I would have loved to have gotten one of those sealed consoles, but the seller is understandably trying to clear the stock out as quickly as possible. When there's a death in the family and the sudden acquisition of so much stuff you really don't have the time to part it out.


So if you have a bunch of time and money then this auction is clearly for you. I've linked the page below.


Nintendo 64 Collection

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