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The NX officially revealed as Nintendo Switch

Jason Clement

More than any other Nintendo platform, it seems as if the NX has had the strangest lead up to its announcement due to the fact that Nintendo soft-announced it and its release window before the details of what it was, leaving fans dry on information for more than a year now.


That dry period of information finally ended today as Nintendo finally released the first teaser for its next platform. Say hello to Nintendo Switch.



In addition to being able to play games on the TV, the Switch will enable players to take their gaming experience on the go, almost serving as a proof of concept for what the Wii U originally should have been.


Two smaller controllers (referred to as Joy-Con controllers) can slide in and attach to the handheld unit, and can detach to be apart from it as well. Both controllers can serve as separate controllers for two players.


Nintendo also revealed a large number of publishers and developers that are onboard for making games for the Switch, including nearly every major third-party publisher. A notable one is Take-Two, which was a holdout from the Wii U era.


Further detail on the platform's pricing, specs, and launch line-up are still forthcoming but Nintendo has stated we'll be hearing all of that prior to the March launch. Nintendo has an investor briefing in Japan next week, so it's possible that some of it will be addressed there. Stay tuned!


What are your thoughts on Nintendo Switch?

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