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The Pokemon Company Alludes to More Happening Than Just Pokkèn Tournament in Early 2016

Jason Clement

The announcement about Pokkèn Tournament coming to the Wii U was certainly welcome to hear last week, but it's beginning to sound as if it won't be the main Pokèmon thing happening next year if The Pokèmon Company has anything to say about it.


Nintendo World Report spoke with a representative from the company last week at the 2015 Pokèmon World Championships in Boston, and they asked whether Pokkèn Tournament would be the main plan for the series' 20th anniversary in the early part of 2016. The response? "No."


The Pokémon Company International“s Director of Consumer Marketing J.C. Smith then admits that while he may be "splitting hairs" on the subject, there are a number of things planned for 2016 that they can't discuss at the moment.


So what could be bigger than Pokkèn Tournament? Could it another mainline game or two be releasing next year, or is there a substantial spin-off in the works? Perhaps even some kind of new Pokèmon convention? We'll just have to wait and see.


For now, it's safe to expect that we can see more than just Pokkèn Tournament when it comes to new game releases.


Source: Nintendo World Report


What do you think could be happening next year that's bigger than Pokkèn?

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