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Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy DLC Release Schedule Announced

Jason Clement

Despite launching with day one DLC, the newly released Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy still has plenty more DLC song tracks to offer in the days and weeks to come. Square Enix has announced that 12 additional audio tracks are on the way will be available for $0.99 each.


Here's a look at the schedule they've layed out:


July 12, 2012

1. “Somnus” (FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII)

2. “Desperate Struggle” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)

3. “Sarutabaruta” (FINAL FANTASY XI)

4. “Battle” (FINAL FANTASY VI)


July 19, 2012

1. “Fight On!” (FINAL FANTASY VII)

2. “Etro“s Champion” (FINAL FANTASY XIII-2)

3. “Battle Theme” (FINAL FANTASY XI)

4. “Battle 1” (FINAL FANTASY III)


July 26, 2012

1. “A contest of Aeons” (FINAL FANTASY X)

2. “The Archylte Steppe” (FINAL FANTASY XIII)

3. “The Sanctuary of Zi“Tah” (FINAL FANTASY XI)

4. “Crystal Cave” (FINAL FANTASY III)


Though I'm saddened by the lack of Final Fantasy XII tracks, I'm definitely looking forward to a few of these myself, especially "Battle" (from FFVI) and "Fight On!" (FFVII).


It's currently unknown if this is the last set of DLC that Theatrhythm will see, but if it sells well, I can imagine we might see more in the future.


Are you planning on buying any DLC tracks? Any in particular that catch your eye?

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