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Three New Special Edition 3DS XL Systems Coming Soon

Jason Clement

Today Nintendo announced that three new special edition 3DS XL systems would be making their way to retailers this Fall.


The first is perhaps the most obvious—a Super Smash Bros. Edition 3DS XL, which comes in red or blue and features some nifty artwork from the game on the cover. Sadly, the game will not come bundled (even digitally) so you'll still have to buy it separately. This particular special edition 3DS XL will go on sale on Sept. 19 for $199.99.


Next up is a special NES Edition 3DS XL which is modeled after the classic NES controller (and with its box modeled after the console itself). This one will be a GameStop exclusive and will go on sale on Oct. 10 for $199.99.


Last but not least, a Persona Q 3DS XL is also coming exclusively to GameStop in honor of Atlus' highly anticipated Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth on Nov. 25 for $199.99. It will be blue and feature grimoire styling on the cover. This edition also sadly does not come bundled with the game.


Source: Press Release


Are you interested in buying any of these special edition 3DS XL systems?

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