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Warner Bros. Cancels Upcoming Arkham Origins Story DLC on Wii U

Jason Clement

In another unfortunate circumstance for the Wii U, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is cancelling the upcoming story DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins on Nintendo's troubled console. The reason? A spokesperson for the company told Polygon:


"Based on demand for DLC content on the system, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has made the decision to remove its offering of the upcoming all-new story campaign for Wii U."


The good news is that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment plans to reimburse the full amount to those who bought a Season Pass for the game (which is $19.99) on Wii U, and all DLC thus far will remain intact. Still, it's a heavy blow to fans who bought the Wii U version and were looking forward to the new story DLC. This news also doesn't bode well for future DLC from the publisher, but we'll have to see what the future brings in that regard.


Despite the low demand for DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is still planning on releasing The LEGO Movie Videogame and LEGO The Hobbit on Wii U this spring.

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