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Warning: Beware the Pokemon X/Y Saving Glitch

Jason Clement

Many fans have been enjoying Pokemon X and Pokemon Y since the game's debut a few days ago, but that joy has been cut short for some. Apparently some are reporting a saving glitch that happens in Lumiose City, the game's largest city.


It supposedly happens when you save in the outer streets of the city, with future attempts to load glitched save resulting in a frozen screen; a hard reset is the only way to escape it. However, saving inside one of the shops in the city appears to be a safe way to get around it. Or you know, saving outside the city.


In any case, it seems as if this isn't necessarily affecting everyone, but if you're playing the game, it's best to exercise caution on this, especially if you're tens of hours in.


Have you or anyone else you know experienced this glitch yet?

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