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What does the 'R' in Super Bomberman R mean exactly?

Jason Clement

Fans are about to get their hands on the first new Bomberman game in years next month with the impending arrival of Konami's Super Bomberman R, but what's up with the title, exactly?


The "Super" bit is self-explanatory for most fans as it hearkens back to the Super Bomberman games of yore on the SNES in the '90s. What exactly does the "R" refer to, however?


Konami took to Reddit to explain the mystery, saying:


“R is a throw back feel for the Devs. to [sic] when games could simply have a letter and allow that letter to carry many meanings. It symbolized Returns & Reborn because this game is such a homage to SNES and SB3. But it also mean [sic] Rangers, to represent the diverse and colorful group of Bomberman characters who patrol the galaxy.”


So there you have it -- "R" refers to "returns" and "reborn" and also refers to the Rangers in the game.


I'm just relieved it doesn't mean "remake." Imagine how disappointing it would be to discover the first new Bomberman game in years is actually a remake of an old game. It does, however, represent the spirit in which those games were played and made, so maybe that's the idea anyhow?


Either way, Super Bomberman R is slated to release on Nintendo Switch on March 3 for $49.99.


Source: Konami (via Siliconera)


What did you think the R in the title originally meant?

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