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Wii U Firmware Update Set to Fix Stability Issues

Marcus Estrada

Those who picked up a Wii U are familiar with a day one update which, on average, took an hour to download. This was a huge update as it added in basically all the online features of the console, such as Miiverse. This is the modern era though and such sudden patches are normal. Today, Nintendo has sent out another update which may set the standard for frequency of updates in the future.


What is this one meant to do? It is certainly not adding in any new features. Instead, it is meant to improve system stability, as well as a few other small tweaks. Some users have reported their systems freezing on them throughout varieties of games and apps so hopefully this will cut down on the issue. If you've been experiencing freezes then pay special attention to how your experience changes (or doesn't) after this update is applied.


Those with the day one update already installed will not have to do anything to start this new one. As long as their system is connected to the internet, it will automatically begin downloading in the background. That way, the system will still be able to used regularly while this process is occurring. As with before, Nintendo warns against unplugging the system while it is updating.



Do you mind how all modern systems require updates from time to time? What frequency of updates seems fair or too often?

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