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Nintendo's Indie Head Departs To Work On His Own

Jason Clement

If you've followed Nintendo's relationship with indie developers over the years, the name Dan Adelman is likely familiar to you. He was the one who spearheaded the company's outreach to include indie games on the Wii Shop Channel as well as the more modern 3DS and Wii U eShop. And after 9 years with the House of Mario, Adelman is ready to leave and pursue new ventures.


Specifically, he announced plans to work directly with indie devs in an advisory role, and a post on his new website indicates that he intends to be a sort of evangelist for the indie scene as well, helping to raise awareness of it among the general public.


Adelman reiterated that the split from Nintendo was amicable, though he did discuss certain grievances in an interview on Kotaku with the way the company had tried to stifle his presence on social media and the like due to what he would say not always being "on message" with their own company policy.


He also reiterated that the eShop is in good hands and that there are multiple teams working on it like a well-oiled machine, and that there were "fewer and fewer new battles to wage," also adding, "What fun is getting into an argument if the other person already agrees with you?."


You can expect to hear more about Dan Adelman in the indie development world as he works more directly with them in the coming weeks and months ahead.


Source: Dan-adelman.com, Kotaku


Are you surprised to hear about Adelman's departure?

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