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No Man's Sky getting 'Pathfinder' update this week, adds new vehicle

Jason Clement

Hello Games seems to picking up the pace on new updates for No Man's Sky as their next one was just announced to come out this week.


Dubbed the "Path Finder" update, it's slated to introduce a new ground vehicle that will aid players in their planetary exploration. Beyond that, it's not quite known what else this new update will bring other than fixes but Hello Games says full details will be coming with the patch notes.


Cryptically, Hello Games says this update will "hint at the path ahead." What could it mean? Perhaps the game will be more planetside-focused going forward; we'll have to wait and see.


The Path Finder update comes some three to four months after the first major update (dubbed the "Foundation Update"), so it would seem Hello Games is finding its rhythm in development and we can expect that new content will come every quarter of a year or so. At this rate, we could see the third update around July if things keep up.


While no specific day or time was announced, keep an eye out for No Man's Sky's Path Finder update sometime this week.


Source: No Man's Sky


What are your thoughts on the newest update coming for No Man's Sky? Does it make you want to get back into the game?

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