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NPD Group Releases 2012 Stats for Gaming Purchases

Marcus Estrada

Are you hungry for the cold hard numbers of American consumer spending when it comes to video games? If so, you've got oddly specific tastes, but are also in luck! The NPD Group released the 2012 Games Market Dynamic: US report today which details a lot of interesting buying trends.


How much was spent on video games over the past year? A massive $14.8 billion was spent on new, used, digital, physical, and DLC content for games. Notably, the number does not include video game consoles or other hardware that goes along with them. In comparison to 2011, spending is down 9%.


What of the divide between physical and digital games? Digital download titles were not a big factor at the start of this generation, but now that we're near the end of it things have definitely changed. Purchases of all physical media-based games reached $8.88 billion. This is a massive 21% decrease from just last year. Digital games and downloadable content rose with $5.92 billion sales equating to a 16% increase. Digital's gains mostly made up the losses by physical counterparts, but not quite enough to stop the overall decline of purchases in 2012.



Do you think that digital game sales will continue their rapid growth in 2013?

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