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Openfeint Fades Into Obscurity This December, Replaced By GREE

John Kidman

OpenFeint brought together a number of mobile developers and millions of casual gamers across both Android and iOS platforms. The mobile gaming platform found itself at the center of a buyout earlier this year as GREE purchased the service for approximately $104,000,000. GREE, a mobile-focused Japanese company, is best known for its social networking features and social gaming. The company originally posited that the Openfeint brand will remain intact following the buyout, but ShackNews reported that the brand has its vanishing act scheduled for this December.


Openfeint, which is utilized in games like Fruit Ninja, will be replaced by the ”GREE“ service on December 14. GREE also indicated that users may suffer from negative game experiences if existing Openfeint-supported games are not properly updated. Openfeint users can rest assured as achievements earned and buddy lists will remain intact, but will only be accessible by creating a new ”GREE“ account.


How much importance do you place on social networking in your mobile gaming?

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