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Ouya Coming to GameStop, Amazon, and More

Marcus Estrada

The Ouya Android-based system excited a lot of people when it launched on Kickstarter last year. The project generated so much cash and interest that even the likes of Square Enix took a look at it. Although much of that initial excitement has passed, there is still a bustling fan community around the device. What of people who missed out on ordering it during the Kickstarter period?


Well, for a while now, people have been able to order an Ouya through the official website. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal however, Julie Uhrman announced that the system will even be coming to the retail space. After March, which is when backers get their units, the system will hit a variety of storefronts in June.


Then, those looking for an Ouya will only have to visit their local Best Buy, GameStop, or Target. Those not interested in picking up the console that way will still have the option of buying straight through Amazon. As previously announced with the Kickstarter campaign, an Ouya system will cost $100 which comes with one controller. Controllers themselves sell for $50.



Might you be willing to pick up an Ouya if you see it on store shelves?

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