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Ouya Coming to Non-Dev Backers Soon

Marcus Estrada

At the very end of the year, certain Ouya backers began receviing their system. The highly-successful Kickstarter project had a great deal of tiers and included some which shipped consoles out sooner than others. Those more expensive developer-intended tiers helped many get their hands on the device early which has allowed for game development before standard release.


If you backed the system for cheaper then you are part of the standard crowd. This massive group of customers now have only a month to wait for their own Ouya. The systems are set to ship out on March 28th. Although it may have been hard waiting three months for a system, every Kickstarter participant is still getting it before launch. Ouya has an official launch month of June, after all.


If you were unable to get in on the campaign while it was live, there are still many ways to secure yourself a system. First, the official website is still taking pre-orders. Consoles are also available officially through Amazon. Those who just want to walk into a store and grab and Ouya will have that option too as it will be available in BestBuy, GameStop, and Target.

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