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OUYA Console Reaches Kickstarter Goal on First Day

Marcus Estrada

You've probably heard the name "OUYA" going around lately. It was, until today, an upcoming Kickstarter project. The intriguing $99 console project just went live today in the hope of raising $950,000 in a month. Well, they reached that goal and more in the very first day. At the time of this writing the project is about to hit $1,200,000.


The point of the OUYA is first and foremost to bring back games to the living room. Even though we certainly have a lot of console games coming out, there's a lot of excitement and effort put into smartphone and tablet games too. So, the OUYA is an Android device which will play those types of games on your TV instead.


Well, it's not quite that simple. The hope is to see developers coming to OUYA specifically to create engaging TV-centered games within the constraints of the Android 4.0 platform. As each system is a dev kit, it will also serve two purposes - to let people play games as well as create their own. Games for the device will even be required to have a free component available. That doesn't mean all the games will be free to play though, as this could simply mean a free demo. Beyond that, as it is an Android device, it will be able to run various non-gaming apps as well. Twitch.tv is used as an example app that could appear on OUYA.



Are you interested in the OUYA system?

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