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OUYA Grabs Its First Exclusive Game

Marcus Estrada

Since the last time we looked at the OUYA it has made a few more bucks. The long-since successful Kickstarter currently has some 5 million dollars attributed to it and with that much money it seems more developers are willing to start talking seriously about it. Specifically, independent developer Robotoki, has announced they will release a game exclusive to the console.


Their first project is a game called Human Element which has a launch targeted in 2015. Very little is known about that game so far but in a way to expand the story, and hype up the audience, an episodic prequel to the game will appear on OUYA first. The game will focus on the backstory of Human Element that you wouldn't otherwise find in the full game. Apparently this will feature the main "event" of the game, which is a zombie attack.


It's good to see OUYA now has an exclusive game which means maybe other developers will be willing to give it a shot as well. For now though we've just got Robotoki's prequel game. Interestingly, in the announcement video, Robotoki's president (Robert Bowling) says that all Kickstarter pledges will receive exclusive access to all the updates on the game. If this means that anyone who promises to develop a game for the system gets to spam Kickstarter users with updates about their projects then I predict many more will come out of the woodwork soon.

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