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Paranautical Activity Blocked from Steam Due to Greenlight

Marcus Estrada

Steam Greenlight has been a very good and bad thing for independent developers. It allows tons of people who use Steam to possibly glimpse your title. At the same time, it also works a lot like a popularity contest where games with the biggest fanbase, notoriety, or five minutes of fame are more likely to be selected.


Is it the best option? Who knows, but Valve certainly is aware they could do things better. All the same, developer Code Avarice has found themselves in a tough predicament with their title Paranautical Activity. The video on their blog post helps explain the situation.


Basically, the developer had put up a Greenlight page for their title a few months ago. More recently, they were pursued by Adult Swim Games who wished to publish the title for them. Adult Swim Games have previously been able to push games directly to Steam with Super House of Dead Ninjas and Super Puzzle Platformer Deluxe.


This got them into a sticky situation with Steam though as they “didn“t want to send the message that indies can seek out publishers to bypass Steam Greenlight”. Because of this, Paranautical Activity has been blocked from Steam. Code Avarice will now have to figure this out because they had been acting with the mindset that their game launching on Steam was assured - but now they're back to needing Greenlight votes. Hopefully this issue doesn't plague other developers in the future.


Here is the video which explains the situation in more detail:


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