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Adorable Zelda-Like Ittle Dew Now on Steam

Marcus Estrada

Are you antsy for a new game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda? If that sort of top down RPG world is your thing then definitely take a look at a new game by the name of Ittle Dew. The title recently came out on PC and Ouya, but only today has it finally hit everyone's favorite digital storefront - Steam.


The game features a heroine by the name of Ittle and her sidekick Tippsie. They travel through an island, discovering new dungeons and secrets. There are a variety of enemies to come across as well as puzzles to solve. Of course, the visuals are wonderful too. With bright colors and cute design, it's hard to ignore Ittle Dew.


According to developer Ludosity, the game takes around 5 hours to beat. However, there are leaderboards available for speedrunners to increase replay value. Alongside additional secret content to find your gameplay experience could easily be longer. Ittle Dew has launched on Steam for $13.99.


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