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Bohemia Interactive Hacked and Arma User Data Stolen

Marcus Estrada

Arma 3, which is currently in beta, is a game with a massive fanbase. Of course, this came thanks to the original game, sequel, and even various mods that have pepper the game (DayZ, anyone?). With such a vast amount of players on Arma 3, you'd think that your data would be very carefully guarded. Unfortunately, there is never such a thing as 100% security online.


That's why Bohemia Interactive has announced that they suffered a severe security breach. Apparently hackers targeted multiple websites of theirs and managed to download a database which contained usernames, passwords, and email addresses. On the plus side, all passwords were encrypted. Credit card details were not a part of the database, thankfully.


Bohemia has proactively reset user passwords. Here's what you have to do if you have an account with them:


"As a precaution we are resetting the passwords of all users which means you will be unable to log into any of our websites/forums until your password is changed. To do this, go to https://profile.bistudio.com/profile/recover-password, enter your email address and press "Get a new password". Shortly afterwards you will receive an automated email from support@bistudio.com with a link, where you can set a new password of your choosing."

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