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Breath of Fire 6 Annouced for Tablets and Browsers


Well, this is a shocker: Today Capcom suddenly announced a new game in their RPG series Breath of Fire, titled simply Breath of Fire 6. While there is little information out about the game yet, what is known is that the game is being developed for mobile devices with a touch screen in mind. Breath of Fire 6 will also be available for browsers, just in case you don't own a smartphone yet.


There has been no confirmation of a US or Europe release, though a spokeperson spoke to Eurogamer about the possibility of localization:


"The process of evaluating all of the titles included in the Network Game Conference for release in North America and Europe is still in progress and we hope to share the results with you shortly."


This is the first game in the Breath of Fire series since Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter's release on the PS2 in 2002, so it's been over ten years since we've seen a Breath of Fire game.


Unfortunately, there are no other details about the game, including the all-important question of whether or not it's a social game, but hopefully more will be unveiled about the title soon.


Do you want to see Breath of Fire 6 released over here, even if it's in a mobile format?

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