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Broken Age Act 2 To Release in Early 2015

Jason Clement

Broken Age Act 1 released earlier this year to critical acclaim, and though Act 2 was originally planned for release later in the year, developer Double Fine has confirmed that it will now slip into early 2015.


The game's producer, Greg Rice, mentioned on Double Fine's forums that their goal is to finish all of the finale work so they can hit Alpha on Act 2 before the end of this year.


"The game is looking really good and the team is working super fast, but we just gotta give the game the time it needs to really deliver on everything we're hoping it will be,"
Rice added.


Rice also mentions that playtests of the game are coming in at around 8 to 12 hours, which should please fans as it will be longer than the first game. Broken Age Act 2 will be free for those who purchased Act 1 (or backed the initial Kickstarter).


You can check out our review for Broken Age Act 1 here.


Source: Double Fine Productions


What are your thoughts on Act 2's delay?

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