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CastleStorm Arrives on Steam

Marcus Estrada

Did you miss out on CastleStorm when it arrived on XBLA? If so, you could check out our review of the title, or possibly pick it up today now that it is available on Steam. The game comes from Zen Studios - yes, the developers of Zen Pinball. They went for something very different with their latest creation.


The cartoony 2D game is all about tower defense/offense. In it, you have your castle where you can send out all sorts of troops as well as shoot at the opposing tower/enemy. Of course, they can fire back quite powerfully if you're not properly strategizing against them! With that said, it doesn't quite manage to be the next great tower defense title but may still please players.


CastleStorm comes to Steam at the cost of $9.99. Because it already launched on Xbox 360 it also has PC gamepad support. Players can chip away at the fairly long campaign mode, team up with another player in co-op, or fight against local or online foes.

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