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Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Ultimate Edition Pre-Orders Open on Steam

Marcus Estrada

Hey there folks who missed out on playing Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on either PS3 or 360! If you have a fairly modern PC and still want to give the game a shot you'll get your chance on August 27th because that's when the title lands on Steam.


If you feel like putting down a pre-order you'll get the game at a slight discount too. The regular price is $29.99 (itself cheaper than the PS3/360 launch cost - but that was 3 years ago). At 10% off, Lords of Shadow can be had for $26.99 instead. Sure, it's not a massive deal but if you know it's going to get purchased anyway then might as well take a slight discount.


The version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on Steam is called the Ultimate Edition. It is so named for including the main game as well as Reverie and Resurrection DLC. Of course there were also PC specific upgrades done to make sure the game runs at a constant 60 FPS.

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