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Deadly Premonition Could Land on Steam

Marcus Estrada

Are you mad that you have never been able to play Deadly Premonition because it is console exclusive? Both the 360 and PS3 have their own version s now but it looks like Rising Star Games is hoping to the game on PC as well. Today they launched a Steam Greenlight page for Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut.


They'd love to get the game on Steam, but of course they have no prior relationship with Valve so they must go the Greenlight route like almost everyone else. Considering the cult following behind it, we may see the game get Greenlit fairly quickly.


The strangest thing about this though is that only a week ago Rising Star Games commented that their team were no longer working on Deadly Premonition - suggesting that the PS3 version would never get a much-needed patch. Perhaps there are different teams, or they just meant they were going to leave the PS3 version as is and get to work on the PC port. In either case, it is interesting to see a now three year old game getting renewed attention.


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