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Fist Puncher Brings Brawling to Steam

Marcus Estrada

If you weren't interested in Skulls of the Shogun or Gun Monkeys being announced for Steam then perhaps this game will be more up your alley... Fist Puncher is a title that attempts to hearken back to the days when games didn't have complex storylines or fantastic graphics and just needed to showcase some pixelated people beating each other up.


There are fifteen playable characters in this sidescrolling beat 'em up and, just like the games of yore, local multiplayer is also included. In an attempt to modernize the style of game, there is also the ability to level up your character as well as unlocking skills to utilize during fights.


Those interested in exercising fist-induced justice will be able to do so when Fist Puncher launches on June 21st. Players who choose to pre-order get the game at a small 10% discount, making it cost $8.99 instead of $9.99. Oh, and if you pre-order you also get the robotic unicorn from Robot Unicorn Attack as a playable character. That's sure to entice at least a few people.

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