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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of February 20th

Marcus Estrada

Wow, it seems all the bundle makers conspired to launch a litany of new collections this week. There are 15 in all (16 if you count the latest StoryBundle, which is pretty neat). Usually the average isn't quite this high. So, with that said here's a handy list to look over all of them. As per usual, I'll be marking off the games I find particularly awesome in green. Feel free to share what you bought, what you think is a good deal, and such in the comments!


Bundle Bandits Steam Bandits Bundle 2

Price: $2

  • Brink of Consciousness: Lonely Hearts Murders (Steam)
  • Oniken (Steam)
  • Space Legends; At the Edge of the Universe (Steam)
  • Yury (Steam)

Bundle Stars Puzzle Bundle

Price: $2.49

  • Dungeon of Elements (Steam)
  • IGT Slots Paradise Garden (Steam)
  • Lexica (Steam)
  • Millie (Steam)
  • Puzzler World (Steam)
  • Puzzler World 2 (Steam)
  • ReignMaker (Steam)

Bundle Stars Trinity Bundle

Price: $2.49

  • Eradicator (Steam)
  • iO (Steam)
  • Legends of Aethereus (Steam)
  • Nam (Steam)
  • Pixel Boy and the Ever Expanding Dungeon (Steam)
  • Revenge of the Titans (Steam)
  • Sentinel (Steam)
  • Shiny the Firefly (Steam)
  • Stronghold 3 Gold (Steam)
  • Terrian Saga: KR-17 (Steam)

DailyIndieGame Desura Bundle 2

Price: $0.99

  • Chernobyl Underground (Desura)
  • Combat Cats (Desura)
  • Divided Nation (Desura)
  • Great Story of a Mighty Hero, The (Desura)
  • In Spaaace! (Desura)
  • Slink! (Desura)

DailyIndieGame Super Bundle 20

Price: $1.49

  • Avencast: Rise of the Mage (Steam)
  • Biology Battle (Steam)
  • Chains (Steam)
  • Radical Roach (Steam)
  • Tank Universal (Steam)
  • Terra Incognita (Steam)

Groupees Build a Greenlight 19 Bundle

Price: Varies

  • Dungeon Warfare
  • East Tower Akio
  • Go Home
  • No Turning Back
  • oO
  • Stoorm (Desura)
  • Super Elf Jump
  • SuperLink
  • Tompi Jones
  • Unium
  • Zombie Zoid

Groupees Who's Gaming Now Spoiler Alert Bundle

Price: Varies

  • Astro Emporia
  • Bit Shifter (Desura)
  • Enemy Mind (Steam)
  • Not the Robots (Steam)
  • Pixel Puzzles: Japan (Steam)
  • Pixel Puzzles: UndeadZ (Steam)
  • Spoiler Alert - Collector's Edition (Steam)
  • Undead Shadows (Steam)

Humble Square Enix Bundle 2

Price: $1

  • Hitman: Absolution (Steam)
  • Hitman GO
  • Supreme Commander 2 (Steam)

Price: Beat the average

  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut (Steam)
  • Murdered; Soul Suspect (Steam)
  • Thief (Steam)
  • Bonus games

Price: $15

  • Sleeping Dogs (Steam)
  • Tomb Raider (Steam)

Humble Weekly Bundle Co-Op 2

Price: $1

  • Hero Siege (Steam)
  • ibb & obb - Best Friends Forever Double Pack (Steam)
  • Shadow Puppeteer (Steam)

Price: Beat the average

  • Damned (Steam)
  • Hammerwatch (Steam)

Price: $10

  • Contagion (Steam)
  • Forced (Steam)

Indie Ammo Box

Price: $1

  • Frozen Hearth (Steam)
  • Metal Drift (Steam)
  • Mr. Bree+ (Steam)

Price: $4.50

  • Hero Siege (Steam)
  • Retro/Grade (Steam)
  • Tiny Troopers (Steam)

Indie Gala Battle for Glory Bundle

Price: $4.89

  • Battle Group 2 (Steam)
  • Bridge Constructor Medieval (Steam)
  • Commandos Behind Enemy Lines (Steam)
  • Commandos Beyond the Call of Courage (Steam)
  • Commandos 2 Men of Courage (Steam)
  • Commandos 3 Destination Berlin (Steam)
  • Deadly 30 (Steam)
  • Imperial Glory (Steam)
  • Onikira: Demon Killer (Steam)
  • Praetorians (Steam)
  • Skilltree Saga (Steam)

Indie Gala Friday Bundle

Price: $1

  • Cubot (Steam)
  • Gentlemen! (Steam)
  • Gravity Badgers (Steam)
  • Syberia (Steam)

Price: 2.99

  • Beyond Space (Steam)
  • Blinding Dark (Steam)
  • CreaVures (Steam)
  • Kami (Steam)
  • Point Perfect (Steam)
  • Ship, The (Steam)
  • Steel Storm Burning Retribution (Steam)
  • Still Life (Steam)
  • Syberia II (Steam)
  • Unhack (Steam)

Indie Royale The Debut 24 Bundle

Price: $1.03

  • 500 Years Act 1 (Desura)
  • Alarameth TD (Desura)
  • Atonement: Scourge of Time (Desura)
  • Hare in the Hat (Desura)
  • PING 1.5+ (Desura)
  • Pixel Star (Desura)
  • Red Goblin: Cursed Forest (Desura)
  • Shutter (Desura)
  • Witches, Heroes and Magic (Desura)

Indie Royale The Mixer 15 Bundle

Price: $2.41

  • Crystals of Time (Steam, Desura)
  • Final Dusk (Steam, Desura)
  • Micron (Steam, Desura)
  • Obludia (Steam, Desura)
  • Reversion - The Meeting 2nd Episode (Steam, Desura)
  • Slaughtering Grounds, The (Steam, Desura)
  • Three Dead Zed (Steam, Desura)
  • White Noise Online (Steam)
  • Why So Evil (Steam, Desura)
  • Bonus game

PlayInjector "Remember 2014" Bundle

Price: $2.99

  • Bridge Constructor (Steam, Desura)
  • Fibrillation (Desura)
  • Pid (Steam)
  • Plain Sight (Steam)
  • Shi No Mori (Desura)
  • Stoorm (Desura)

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