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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of November 28th

Marcus Estrada

Hungry for some bundles? Well, lucky for you there's a great deal of them jumping out this week. They aren't all winners, but then again that's rarely the case. If you're looking for a certified good deal on some games then I suggest The Humble Sega Bundle. Sure, the DLC might not be to your liking but the Dreamcast Collection comes with 4 games!


Bundle Bandits

Price: $1

  • CoreBreach (Desura)
  • Hoovercraft Racing (Desura)
  • Musclecar Online (Derura)
  • Nitro Racer X D (Desura)

Bundle Bandits Steam Bandits

Price: $1.50

  • Chip (Steam)
  • Cooking Academy Fire and Knives (Steam)
  • Frozen Hearth (Steam)
  • Swipecart (Steam)

Bundle Stars Reboot 9.0 Bundle

Price: $2.99

  • 99 Levels to Hell (Steam)
  • Fearless Fantasy (Steam)
  • No Time to Explain (Steam)
  • Not the Robots (Steam)
  • Scourge: Outbreak - Ambrosia Bundle (Steam)
  • Time Gentlemen, Please! & Ben There, Dan That! (Steam)

Groupees Build A Greenlight Bundle 14

Price: Varies

  • Anomaly 1729
  • Anoxemia
  • Blades of the Righteous
  • Dragon Maze (Desura)
  • Go Kinok! Go!
  • Miner Warfare
  • NekoChan Hero (Desura)
  • One Final Breath
  • Super Elf Jump
  • X-Note (Desura)

Groupees Nostalgia Bundle

Price: $1

  • Gearcrack Arena (Steam)
  • Jack Orlando: Director's Cut (Steam)
  • Square Heroes (Steam0

Price: $2

  • EvilQuest (Steam)
  • Septerra Core (Steam)

Humble Sega Bundle

Price: $1

  • Dreamcast Collection (Steam)
  • Miles' Tactic DLC for Football Manager 2015
  • NiGHTS Into Dreams (Steam)
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Steam)
  • Total War: Rome II - Caesar in Gaul DLC (Steam)

Price: Beat the Average

  • Company of Heroes 2 - The Western Front Armies: Oberkommando West (Steam)
  • Empire: Total War (Steam)
  • Bonus games

Price: $12

  • Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai (Steam)

Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle

Price: $2.19

  • Aces Wild Manic Brawling Action! (Steam)
  • Bionic Heart 2 (Steam)
  • The Moon Sliver (Steam)
  • The Slaughtering Grounds (Steam)
  • Tail Drift (Steam)
  • Time Ramesside (Steam)

Indie Gala Friday Special Bundle

Price: $1.99

  • Cognition Season One (Steam)
  • Face Noir (Steam)
  • Gold Rush! Classic (Steam)
  • Jets'n'Guns Gold (Steam)
  • The Last Door Season One (Steam)
  • Lost Civilization (Steam)
  • Melissa K. and the Heart of Gold (Steam)
  • Millionaire Manor (Steam)
  • Ocean City Racing (Steam)
  • Platypus (Steam)
  • Power-Up (Steam)
  • Selknam Defense (Steam)

Indie Royale The Mystery 2 Bundle

Price: $1.24

  • C-Rush (Desura, Steam)
  • Dreaming Sarah (Desura, Steam)
  • Steel & Steam (Desura, Steam)
  • Vanguard Princess (Steam)
  • 6 bonus games


Price: $1

  • Dangerous Insects (Desura)
  • Project shyKnight (Desura)
  • The Wanderers

Price: Beat the average

  • Evy: Magic Spheres (Desura)
  • Lucass RPG
  • Revenge: Rhobar's Myth (Desura)
  • StarTAG (Desura)

Price: $4.49

  • In Exilium (Desura)

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