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Game Bundle Roundup for Week of November 7th

Marcus Estrada

Last week was absolutely massive in the bundle world. Who knew that Halloween could spur so much bundle fun? In any case, this week started off very slow but finally resumed typical release status. Here are all the newest ones that are (or aren't) worth your money. Select 'n Play and Mad Orc both appear to be newer bundlers, but I've not had experience with either so please exercise due caution.


Bundle Bandits Greenlight Bundle #2

Price: $1.25

  • AstropedV (Desura)
  • Hypership Out of Control! (Desura)
  • Ilamentia (Desura)
  • Inside the Gear (Desura)
  • Kilgazar (Desura)
  • Porradaria Upgrade (Desura)
  • Radium (Desura)

Bundle Stars Crusader Kings II Bundle

Price: $12.99

  • Crusader Kings II (Steam) + DLC

Bundle Stars Getaway Bundle

Price: $19.99

  • The Escapists (Steam)
  • L.A. Cops (Steam)
  • Overruled! (Steam)

Bundle Stars Razor Bundle

Price: $3.49

  • 4 Elements (Steam)
  • Data Hacker: Initiation (Steam)
  • Deadly Sin 2 (Steam)
  • Galactic Arms Race (Steam)
  • Orborun (Steam)
  • Rage Runner (Steam)
  • Saturday Morning RPG (Steam)
  • Skyborn (Steam)
  • SuperMNC - Turbocross Bundle (Steam)
  • Syder Arcade (Steam)

Humble Weekly Bundle: Racing

Price: $1

  • Real World Racing Bundle (Steam)
  • Urban Trial Freestyle (Steam)
  • WRC Powerslide (Steam)

Price: $6

  • Dirt Showdown (Steam)
  • Joe Danger 2: The Movie (Steam)

Price: $9

  • Dirt 3

Indie Gala Every Monday Bundle

Price: $

  • AVSEQ (Steam)
  • Crow (Steam)
  • Hamlet (Steam)
  • Hearthlands (Desura)
  • Snow Light (Steam)
  • Wayward Manor (Steam)

Indie Royale The Mixer 11 Bundle

Price: $2.83

  • Circuits (Desura, Steam)
  • Derrick the Deathfin (Desura, Steam)
  • Dungeon Lurk II (Desura, Steam)
  • LightFish (Desura, Steam)
  • Little Racers STREET (Desura, Steam)
  • Trace Vector (Desura, Steam)
  • World Truck Racing (Steam)
  • Zack Zero (Desura, Steam)
  • Bonus game (Desura)

Mad Orc Plug In Digital Bundle

Price: $7.99

  • Finding Teddy (Steam)
  • Fly'n (Steam)
  • Legends of Persia (Steam)
  • Meltdown (Steam)

Select n' Play Icedrift Bundle

Price: Beat the average

  • Campaign Series: Fall Weiss (Steam)
  • Deep Black: Reloaded (Desura)
  • Hacker Evolution (Steam)
  • Hacker Evolution: Duality (Steam)
  • Hacker Evolution: Untold (Steam)
  • Superbox Unpossible
  • Woodle Tree Adventures (Steam)
  • Bonus game

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