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Game Dev Tycoon Will Be On Steam August 29th


Game Dev Tycoon will soon be available for purchase on Steam... very soon, in fact. You can grab the game making simulator next Friday on the digital distribution service.


After being Greenlit for Steam back in May, developer Greenheart Games decided to spruce the title up a bit before putting it up on the Steam storefront. This updated version of the game includes:

  • A longer story line, extending the playtime and adding new story elements as well as new platforms.
  • New artwork (by our original talented artists).
  • Ability to unlock multi-platform games.
  • Rebalanced topics and platforms to make choices more interesting and results more understandable.
  • Rebalanced review system to address sudden spikes in difficulty.
  • New game mechanics (Post-release game reports and company expertise) to provide more feedback to the player.
  • Small but often requested changes such as support for longer game names and ability to edit game name before release.

That's a lot of changes for this new release! Also, Game Dev Tycoon will release with a 20% launch discount, bringing the title down from $9.99 to $7.99.


You can check out the full announcement from Greenheart here.


Will you grab Game Dev Tycoon for Steam?

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