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Gun Monkeys Gets Price Drop and Two Copies with Purchase

Marcus Estrada

Many of us on Game Podunk have already discovered how much fun the recently released Gun Monkeys can be. The indie game is multiplayer-focused where both players control a monkey and do their best to kill the other and gain points. It's a lot harder than it sounds and a lot of fun when two equally skilled players face off.


Size Five Games have not seen the game take off in sales. As such, they are taking steps to try and get more people playing. First, they have reduced the price. If you check out Steam today, Gun Monkeys now costs $5.99. It's not a discount but an actual change to the price which will be the case for the foreseeable future.


In another step, they have made it so each purchase comes with two copies of the game. As you can't play Gun Monkeys by yourself, this is a really nice addition so that you can always have a friend to play with. Size Five Games is hoping to increase sales of their title as well as keep the lobbies filled, as they are pretty anemic currently. Here's hoping these changes will net the game more players!

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