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Gun Monkeys Jetting Toward Steam

Marcus Estrada

Are you hungry for a game featuring guns, jetpacks, and monkeys? Well, one's about to launch on Steam anyway! Gun Monkeys is developed by Size Five Games. You might know the name from their games Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! What does their latest game offer aside from the obvious mammals and weaponry?


It's a platformer with focus purely on multiplayer, basically. Once players have jumped into a procedurally-generated level they're free engage in frantic deathmatches with the opposing monkeys. Gun Monkeys has fast-paced play in mind so definitely avoid it if you're a fan of low-key platformers.


No price has been set yet but the game is tentatively marked for launch on June 28th. As many other releases on Steam, it will included achievements, leaderboards, and new Steam Trading Cards.

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