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Humble Bundle has been acquired by IGN

Jason Clement

Humble Bundle, the digital game storefront primarily known for selling game bundles at pay-what-you-want tiers, has been acquired by media giant IGN as reported by Gamasutra.


The official press release states that Humble Bundle will continue to operate independently with no significant changes, though it will have support from IGN in regards to accelerating growth as well as raising more charity funds. Humble co-founder John Graham and IGN executive VP Mitch Galbraith confirmed to Gamasutra that IGN has no plans to change how Humble handles business.


IGN's acquisition of the storefront isn't too surprising given that the media giant could potentially add Humble Bundle incentives to its own paid IGN Prime membership, which currently gives away one free game to members each month. Whether they intend to make use of Humble Bundle in this way is yet to be seen.


Source: Gamasutra


What are your thoughts on IGN buying Humble Bundle?

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I mean, neat? I guess it's cool that more well known gaming outlets for news and such are taking more of an interest directly with providers like Humble Bundle. Them outright saying it will work independently is probably the only thing from the press release that really matters, but hey. Works for me either way. I'm looking forward to some potential new deals with such an acquisition. Maybe even some games were untouchable before. 

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I guess this is....a thing. As long as they keep their word and don't meddle in what Humble does too much then it's not a big deal. Like Roy said, it could even be good if it gets them enough money/influence to bundle games that haven't really been touched by them, though they seem to have a good enough relationship with even the biggest and stingiest of publishers (like Activision) that I can't even think of anything that would have been out of reach before. Maybe they can manage more console game bundles or something since those are the fewest and farthest between, though there might be other reasons beyond having the resources.

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