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Humble Daily Bundle is Exactly What it Sounds Like

Marcus Estrada

The Humble Bundle people have been outrageously busy this year. Not only do they have their mainstay "Humble Bundle" but now also have a store and weekly bundles. Yesterday they started up a new promotion called the Humble Daily Bundle which promises to provide a different bundle every 24 hours. The first set was a return of the Deep Silver Bundle.


Today the bundle in question is the Humble Daily Bundle from Outer Space. It's a tad less impressive, offering only three games in all. Paying what you want (over $1) grants X3: Terran Conflict. Beating the average price adds Universe Sandbox. Finally, paying over $10 unlocks Early Access title Kinectic Void. Each game includes a Steam key.


The Humble Daily Bundle is a two-week only event. Most bundles will be brand new but more past bundles may pop up!

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