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Humble Weekly Sale: Atlus, Ace Team, and Tripwire Interactive

Marcus Estrada

Here's an unlikely but neat match for the latest Humble Weekly Sale: Atlus, Ace Team, and Tripwire Interactive. Of course, the games Atlus publishes on PC are typically very different from their console goodies. In any case, there are up to six games that can be purchased in the set.


The first group costs a buck or more for the following:

  • Dwarfs?! (Windows/Mac/Linux: Steam)
  • Killing Floor (Windows/Mac/Linux: Steam)
  • Zeno Clash (Windows: Steam)
  • Zeno Clash II (Windows: Steam)

$6 or more bucks unlocks two more titles:

  • Rising Storm (Windows: Steam)
  • Rock of Ages (Windows: Steam)

This is a great batch of games if you don't have any yet, so I highly recommend digging in. Killing Floor and Rising Storm are both multiplayer-focused which makes them great choices for game nights with friends as well!

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