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Humble Weekly Sale: Introversion Software

Marcus Estrada

If you've been a fan of the indie community for a while then you're probably aware of Introversion Software. This independent developer was one of the first names to get widespread attention with games such as Darwinia, Defcon, and Uplink. Although those games are not particularly recent now, the team have more recently created yet another addicting property.


For this week's Humble Weekly Sale we have basically all of Introversion's work available! Here are the included games:

  • Darwinia
  • Defcon
  • Multiwinia
  • Uplink

Also included at any cost are the source code for all the games as well as City Generator and Voxel tech demos. Soundtracks for each game are also included. However, there is one added bonus which may make this bundle worth it even if you have one or two of the games already. That is Prison Architect which you can also nab for $19.99 (for only a little bit longer).


Normally, Prison Architect is $30 on Steam. Although the game is still in beta it is already providing a very fleshed out experience, as we stated in a preview. Hurry if you wanna get that special price though as it will be over quick.

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