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Humble Weekly Sale: Positech Games

Marcus Estrada

Today marks the start of a brand new Humble Bundle Weekly Sale. They've returned to their more usual status of selling games, this time from developer Positech Games. If you're not familiar with the name they were the ones behind Gratuitous Space Battles.


Here are the four games you can snag:

  • Democracy 2 (Windows/Mac: Steam)
  • Gratuitous Space Battles (Windows/Mac/Linux: Steam)
  • Gratuitous Tank Battles (Windows/Mac: Steam)
  • Kudos 2 (Windows/Mac)

Democracy 2 is the one game which you have to pay more than the average for to get. This is great news if you're not interested in playing the title since then the collection is pay what you want. If you would like to exercise your political mind however then you'll have to pay more than $3 for it which is currently the average price.


This bundle released alongside a video of Positech Games discussing the bundle if you'd like to hear more about the included titles:



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