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Indie 3D Platformer 'Poi' set to leave Early Access next week

Jason Clement

2017 seems set to see a renaissance of 3D platformers, with the likes of A Hat in Time, Super Mario Odyssey, and Poi (among others) all releasing over the course of the year.


First up to release will be PolyKid's Poi, which had been in Early Access for a little over a year now. The game's plot focuses on two kids who are "on a grand adventure to unravel the mysteries of the Milky Way Globe."


Overall, it looks pretty nifty. The inspiration derived from 3D Mario platformers is pretty apparent when you take a look at the trailer, and it's a great sign to see the game look and play a lot like it, yet with its own unique twists (taking pictures of animals and such, for example).


You'll get a chance to explore the world of Poi yourself when it releases in full on Steam on February 1. Be sure to check out the trailer below!



Are you looking forward to Poi?

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