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Indie Gala Flashpoint Bundle Goes Live

Marcus Estrada

The first big indie game bundle of the month has just appeared. Indie Gala have announced the Indie Gala Flashpoint bundle which includes a possible ten titles, although a few are being kept secret for now. It certainly includes some games we haven't seen in bundles before.


Here are the games you can buy for a $1 minimum:

  • Knytt Underground (Windows, Steam, Desura)
  • Musaic Box (Windows: Steam)
  • Saira (Windows: Steam)
  • Yumsters 2: Around the World (Windows: Steam)

Paying more than $3.99 (for the first eight hours only) adds these:

  • Afterfall Insanity Extended Edition + DLC (Windows: Steam)
  • Hammerfight (Windows: Steam)
  • Ignite (Windows: Steam)

If you grab this bundle after the first eight hours then the extra games will still be available, but at a changing average price. Right now the price is locked in at $3.99 though. Of course, buying the bundle at all also includes music. There are three albums by Stereomood offered. Finally, three new Steam games will appear for the bundle in the second week of sales. To get them, you must buy the higher tier.

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