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Indie Gala Greenlight Bundle Offers 8 Games

Marcus Estrada

The Indie Gala people have been slowly expanding their empire by running multiple bundles at once. The newest is a Steam Greenlight bundle which offers a handful of indie games. Some have already been greenlit while others still require upvotes.


Here's all eight titles:

  • Deep Eclipse
  • Frederic Resurrection of Music
  • The Girl & the Robot alpha
  • Hunter's Trophy 2 America
  • Inescapable
  • Loot Hero
  • Rush for Glory
  • Sinister City

Currently purchasers can redeem all of these titles on Desura. Of course, each developer has also promised that Steam keys will be coming. Hopefully that proves to be the case once the games launch.


Finally, if you're reading this post early enough, all games can be had for $1. The price is set to increase in a few hours, though.

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