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Indie Gala June Bundle is Massive

Marcus Estrada

In the past, the Indie Gala people have been known for choosing unusual names for their bundles. This time it appears they took the easy route by simply naming it after the month it debuted in. The Indie Gala June bundle is live now and features a whole host of games across three price tiers.


The lowest tier includes three games:

  • Creatures: The Albian Years (Windows)
  • Pirates of Black Cove (Windows: Steam)
  • Mystery game (Windows: Desura)

Paying over $3.62 adds the following:

  • Aquanox (Windows: Steam)
  • Chester (Windows: Desura)
  • Sword of the Stars: Complete Collection (Windows: Steam)
  • Vessel (Windows: Steam)
  • Mystery game (Windows: Steam)

Finally, for $5.97 you get everything:

  • A New Beginning: Final Cut (Windows: Steam)
  • Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes (Windows: Steam)
  • Star Ruler (Windows: Steam)
  • 3 mystery games (Windows: Steam)

Including the locked mystery titles, this bundle offers up 14 games. More, if you count the Sword of the Stars set as multiple games. The only problem that one might have with Indie Gala June is that the collection is so Windows and Steam-centric. If you love Steam and run a Windows PC though then you're ready to grab any or all of these tiers.

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