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Indie Gala Summertide Wants to Entertain You

Marcus Estrada

For whatever reason (the Steam sale) most indie bundle groups didn't start up bundles during the last two weeks. Now that everyone is done paying extreme attention to Steam though they're getting back to it. Case in point, Indie Gala just launched a new bundle titled Summertide.


Here are the contents of the Indie Gala Summertide starting with tier 1:

  • Doom and Destiny (Windows/Android, Desura)
  • Miner Wars (Windows, Desura)
  • Oniken (Windows, Desura)

Tier 2 features a handful of shooters:

  • Exceed - Gun Bullet Children (Windows: Steam)
  • Exceed 2nd - Vampire Rex (Windows: Steam)
  • Space Pirates and Zombies (Windows: Steam)
  • 2 mystery games (Windows: Steam)

Tier 3 is a bit different:

  • Exceed 3rd - Jade Penetrate Black Package (Windows: Steam)
  • Painkiller: Recurring Evil (Windows: Steam)
  • Sacraboar (Windows: Steam)
  • Trainz Simulator 12 + DLC (Windows: Steam)
  • 1 mystery game (Windows: Steam)

Although the price is subject to change, getting the first tier has no real limit imposed on it. Only when you want to increase to the second or third section do you need to check the exact pricing. As of right now the full Summertide bundle costs $6.45.


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