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Indie Royale Chosen Brings Five Games

Marcus Estrada

The initial Indie Royale Chosen bundle was a chance for bundle purchasers to influence what games would be included in a set. The first time they let users vote it was a success so now we're seeing the the second Chosen bundle go live.


Here are the five selected games:

  • Breath of Death VII (Windows, Steam, Desura)
  • Cthulhu Saves the World (Windows, Steam, Desura)
  • Eufloria (Windows, Steam, Desura)
  • Really Big Sky (Windows, Steam, Desura)
  • Runespell Overture (Windows/Mac, Steam, Desura)

Indie Royale runs their system where there is a base price that fluctuates dependent upon the prices other people purchase for. In general, the price will inch higher as more time goes on, so purchase early if you're interested. The cost for the Chosen 2 bundle stands at $4.28 at the time of this writing.


As usual, paying over $7 nets you the games as well as an album. This time around it's music via Disasterpiece. The bundle is up for six more days.

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