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Indie Royale Prairie Bundle Goes Live

Marcus Estrada

Bundles, bundles, bundles... What are PC gamers supposed to do with all these bundles? Certainly they can't buy every single one! Well, here's yet another Indie Royale addition which may just what some were looking for.


The Prairie Dog bundle includes these titles:

  • Retrovirus (Windows: Steam, Desura)
  • Signal Ops - Review - (Windows: Desura)
  • Sol Survivor (Windows: Steam, Desura)
  • Vox (Windows: Desura)
  • Zack Zero - Review - (Windows: Steam, Desura)

There's also another game included but that mystery title won't unlock for a while. In any case, as long as you pay the minimum then you'll be getting all the games. Right now, the minimum is just over 5 bucks but is subject to fluctuate. Finally, at $8 or more you get the album Lost Floppies Vol 2 by Dubmood.


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