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Indie Shooter Series The Tale of ALLTYNEX Now Available

Marcus Estrada

If you consider yourself a fan of shooters (or "shmups" as they are often called) then why haven't you already picked up The Tale of ALLTYNEX? Japanese indie developer SITER SKAIN created three arcade-style shooting games which went on to be quite popular in Japan.


Western fans got their chance to show their desire for the trilogy's release in America thanks to a Kickstarter campaign hosted by Nyu Media. Funded to nearly 300%, it was assured that these games would readily see digital release for Western players.


The trilogy includes the games KAMUI, RefleX, and ALLTYNEX Second. All three are available now as either separate downloads for $8 or as a bundle costing $20 via The Tale of ALLTYNEX. They are available through GamersGate, Nyu Media, or Rice Digital, with Desura copies coming out on June 8th. Those who would rather see the games on Steam can upvote The Tale of ALLTYNEX on Greenlight.


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