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Jagged Alliance Online is Latest Free-To-Play Game on Steam

Marcus Estrada

If you're a gamer who is strapped for cash then this modern era of gaming is a very interesting one. It's easy enough to get titles entirely for free thanks to market shift toward free-to-play, but often the amount of what you get for "free" is limited.


Because of this, the term "pay to win" was born which is attributed to F2P games that will give players overpowered goods if they simply pay real world cash. Some games have attempted to shirk that description, including the newly launched Jagged Alliance Online.


In case you were wondering, this is not the browser game of the same name. Instead it is a Steam title which has a focus on multiplayer action where every item and upgrade is available without spending real money. How are they hoping to fund the game, then? The whole realm of multiplayer goodies are free but if you want to play a single player campaign then you buy "DLC" in the form of the Shadow or Ivan Edition.


Jagged Alliance Online is certainly trying something a bit unorthodox but players may support it. Both the Shadow and Ivan DLC are currently $27, which is 10% off full price.

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