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Knights of Pen and Paper Brings Quirky RPG to PC

Marcus Estrada

If you've never played a traditional pen and paper roleplaying game then you're not alone. There are many fans of RPGs out there who have never had the experience of a tabletop game. Some do not wish to experience it, while others believe that a video game experience is just preferred.


Regardless of your personal opinions, Behold Studios have put together a game which captures aspects of the "traditional" RPG experience and brings them into a game. That game is none other than Knights of Pen and Paper +1 Edition which is available through Steam today. Previously, the title had been a smartphone game which explains some of the "vertical" design of the game.


Players take on the role of the Game Master as well as the adventurers within the story. This means you control not only the party and their attacks but also the kinds of monsters they'll face. It sounds odd but may be executed well. You can pick up Knights of Pen and Paper for $10 or $15 for the deluxe edition.


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